Builders Clean Service

Nu-Look Cleaning Services can advise you and help with internal and external cleaning at the most effective time for your circumstances.

Post-Construction Cleanup Challenges

Builders naturally leave mess behind after completing construction or renovation work, but a builders clean can be a rather murky job. It’s tempting to rush in and start cleaning straight away, but while carpets and upholstery should be cleaned immediately to avoid a build-up of dirt, the rest of the cleaning should wait.

You’ll have heard the phrase, “once the dust has settled” referring to a waiting period, at the end of which everything is clear.

Following building work, this literally means waiting for up to a couple of weeks until the dust has settled enough to allow you to do a thorough clean.

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Why choose Nu-Look Cleaners to do your builders clean?

Our team of cleaning specialists

To save you from heavy lifting, our team of cleaning specialists will manage the more labour-intensive mess of a builders clean, such as clearing away remaining rubble and debris

Adaptable to Floor Types

Regardless of your type of flooring, which may be carpet, tiles, laminate, stone, marble or wood, we provide a deep clean that will leave your flooring fresh and welcoming

Any Size

We can help with any size of builders clean regardless of the size of your property or the extent of cleaning you need

We’re Certified

We have the following qualifications CSCS, iPAF and Pasma.